About Us

Who are we? What exactly is this site all about? And why should you come here instead of going to the other 60 or more sites out there? Well ... we hope we're different. Just a little. Let us tell you how ...

Our goal is to develop a site based 90 percent on reviews and 10 percent on previews and interviews. We want to have no less than one new original review per day. We are not a news site. We're not journalists. But, we always need new writers! The benefits? You get to be considered press and get the occasional free game. Sorry, we are an all-volunteer staff. But, dang, we have fun.

Some of us are experienced website and network managers. Some of us are game developers. Some of us are journalists or writers. Some of us are students. Some of us have been game reviewers in the past. But ALL of us are game players. We play games for the love of games and for no other reason.

We're hoping to create something a little different. We don't want to assign a value to a game. "This game is a 2. This game is a B+. This one is a 5.75." Our reasoning is that ratings don't tell you about what is most important — the player playing the game. Two players reviewing the same game can have wildly differing opinions based on likes and dislikes, experience in the genre, and ability to play the game.

For example, I (Ophelea) am terrible at console games. I simply don't have the dexterity. But, I can recognize the difference between my own ineptness and a difficult game, and I also can realize when I'm having fun despite being all thumbs!

We think that's what makes reviews important — the person reviewing them.

We also believe that games aren't often reviewed properly, and as many of us are current/former members of the press, we'd like to work on changing that. To that end, we've set up a set of criteria for our reviews:

  • No game (unless a web game such as Popcap games) shall be reviewed in four days. It's impossible to know the game. Our reviews will take 10–30 days depending on the depth of the game.
  • No game shall be compared to another game unless it is a sequel. All games should be reviewed on their own merits, or you run the risk of the player not understanding the comparison.
  • We believe in "contextual" reviews. What we mean by this is that the review will be based on the writer. How did the player find the gameplay, graphics, UI, sound, etc., and did the player> have fun? If this were a game beyond the player's skills but the player liked it, would it be recommended for a rental? If it's within a player's skills, would they recommend buying it, and if so, why?
  • We have writer profiles that give information about the writer. Personal information they're willing to share. History of videogame experience, favorite games, genres, etc. But, most importantly, we include a short profile of the type of player they are. Are they a hardcore shooter player, or do they enjoy social games? Do they like real-time strategy games but find that they're bad at them because they micromanage too much? Who is the writer?
  • We review massively multiplayer online games differently than most outlets. Our goal is to have multiple players blog about their experiences each night — a few sentences to a book depending on the night's events — and then every two to three weeks, an editor will write a summary review. The plan is to do this for 90–120 days. Then, six to nine months later, we go back and do it again. It's a failing in the media that games that change monthly or weekly aren't revisited.
  • We review not only children's games, but games that are appropriate for children. (Such as a T-rated game that is OK for an 8-year-old.)
  • No game is too old to be reviewed. If it can be played — new or used — and our writers like it, they review it. Someone else may have missed it five years ago. Some games simply stand the test of time, period.
  • Any and all games can and should be reviewed more than once by multiple readers for all of the reasons stated above.

We feel our style makes for more useful reviews. If two of our writers review a game and one loves it while the other hates it, then look at their profiles. Find out if the one who hates it plays games just like you. If so, that's the review you want to trust.

Below you'll find a profile for one of our writers, to give you an idea of what they look like. At the time this page was written (August 2004), she was one of only two female writers.

GamersInfo.net Writer: Ophelea

I'm a mother of two boys, ages 11 and 13 and live in the chaos that ensues. I've a permanent disability that keeps me homebound, so books, kids, games and books are my constant companions. Oh, and books, too. *grins*

My children both play games so I often play them first, getting to know exactly how something may effect my sensitive and easily stimulated older child vs. my stoic and imperturbable younger.

I like games for games; for the pure enjoyment of them and believe that no game is wholly bad, though some are real stinkers.

I also have the dexterity of a camel in mittens so find playing FPSs difficult (and I also don't like the gore) and RTSs at times can stump me. I just can't seem to move quickly enough to keep up with them. Some of my favorite games are arcade games and I'll spend 3-5 years on the same 5-6 levels because I just never get any better. But, I have fun.


More Information

Pseudonym: Ophelea

Real Name: Kelly Heckman

Age: 38

Profession: Student

First Game System: Atari 800/Commodore 64

Favorite Games: Tempest, Civilization 2, Viva Pinata, Puzzle Quest, Mass Effect

Game Systems Owned: PC, Playstation 2, XBox 360, Wii, GameBoy Advance SP, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, iPod, PlayStation 3, Droid

Favorite Saying: Question Everything

The Book That Most Profoundly Changed My Life: "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver

Gender: Female

Biggest Pet Peeve: People who dress their children like dolls and treat them like less than people simply because they are young.

Odd Fact: I once worked on an honorary Master's Thesis in Byzantine history.

Favorite Game Genres: RPG. RTS, Arcade, Puzzle, anything HUMOROUS

All MMOs Ever Played: Asheron's Call, Asheron's Call II, Horizons, Lineage 2, Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, A Tale in the Desert I & II, The Matrix Online, Toon Town, Dungeons & Dragons Online...and more dabbling than I could possibly ever fit in this space.

Favorite Profession/Class: Whatever happens to be the least effective and most gimped (I choose it unintentionally every time).

Why MMOs Are My Game of Choice: I love the constant change and when I can control the time, the social interation.

Current MMOs Being Played: Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, Lord of the Rings Online

Hobbies: Reading, Games, Reading, Whimsy and ummm...Reading

Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Color: Green

Personal Blog: Ophelea, "Out There"

Now, to further clarify our game reviews. We'd like to avoid the ratings systems used by many other sites and have a contextual recommendation at the end. To that end, we've compiled a list of qualities that you'll find in games — well, at least four in every game; I don't see Madden 2004 containing much story/lore.

We try to use this list as a guideline and write about as many as possible while maintaining flow. The list (which is open to revision) is as follows:


  • Graphics (engine)
  • UI
  • Controls


  • Art (models/animation/texturing)
  • Sound/music


  • Game concept
  • Replayability (subjective)
  • Level/environment design (Is it interesting? Varied?)
  • Gameplay design (Is it innovative? Formulaic?)
  • Immersiveness
  • Difficulty
  • Overall "fun" (subjective)

We don't follow this list; we just try to hit on all that apply to each game.

The most important part of our reviews is our concluding paragraphs. Since we're not using a ratings system, the conclusion about the game as a whole must be in the context of the reviewer. What we mean by this can be seen in the profile above. You'll note in the profile, she's not great at first-person shooters. Right now, she's working on Transformers. After a week, she's still in the training area — she's just so bad with the controls. But, the fact is, she finds the game incredibly maneuverable, some of the graphics are really impressive and the UI is designed so that even though she doesn't use it well, she understands it just fine. So, once she gets out of the training area and sees more of the world, her summary will include something to the effect of, "If you're like me and have poor dexterity, I'd suggest this game as a rental for a few nights of fun frustration and just the chance to be Optimus Prime. However, if you're good with consoles, this game has much to offer in the way of replayability, graphics, story and fun. For you, it's a must-have."

Now, we're not asking for English majors. We have a style guide and editors to help with that. We want enthusiasm and a love for games.

So, if you're interested in joining us as a "regular" staff member, we'd love to have you.

If you find you want to write ONE review about your favorite game ever, that would be wonderful as well. We ENCOURAGE reader submissions — even one-time only.

Pick your favorite game of all time if you don't see something that catches your eye.

Write something for us, and send it to . We'll read it, talk to you about what you'd like to do and go from there.

And in case you hadn't noticed, we're excited about what we do!