Jewel Quest 2

  • March 15, 2007
  • by: MrsHarm
  • available on: PC

Jewel Quest 2

Publisher: Arcade Town


Genre: puzzle
Setting: puzzle
Jewel Quest 2 is another puzzle game in the Jewel Quest line. In this version, you are searching for treasure in Africa while defeating the various jewel boards. For those unfamiliar with Jewel Quest, the rules are simple. Line up 3 or more matching gems to turn the board space gold, until the entire board is gold, before time runs out. While the rules are simple, the game itself can be quite challenging.

The board changes with each round, often with uneven rows. There are also several rounds early in the game with “buried” pieces that you must uncover by lining up the correct match twice. The first time can be blind luck, and will uncover enough of the piece to allow you to see what it is. The second time frees the piece for play. I appreciate the challenge of these pieces, but was daunted by their appearance so early in the game.

You are also on the look out for gold coins to line up. The coins will grant you a “special” move – the removal of a piece, but be warned, once they drop to the bottom row, they fall off the board. I found myself happy when I was able to line them up, but had to spend my time concentrating on clearing the board during the time limit.

I wanted to take a break from the quest mode and took a go at tournament mode. In tournament mode, the game automatically chooses an opponent for you. After you clear the board, you enter “bonus mode” where you match up as many silver coins as possible during the remaining time. Those coins are then added to your total score. After the round, you get to see how your score lines up with the global average and your current rank.

Jewel Quest 2 is a must have for anyone who already has the original title and would like a change of scenery and for fans of puzzle games. Anyone new to the genre might want to take a closer look at the original title to get their feet wet before getting this slightly more advanced version.

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