PreviewFairytale Fights

Fairytale Fights

Developer: Playlogic Entertainment
Publisher: Playlogic Entertainment

Release Date: 2009/10/27


Genre: Fighting
Setting: fantasy


After a few turns around the Anime Fest, it was time for me to make my way past the booth babes at the Playlogic table and wrap my fingers around the controls of Fairytale Fights. Set to ship Oct. 27, Fairytale Fights is not the sweetsy-peetsy, E-rated title you might be conjuring in your head.

“There is definitely a segment of people out there that love to destroy cute things, and that’s what this game is all about,” said Chris Keene, representative for Playlogic. “These fairy tale characters are very upset because they’ve lost their fame and notoriety, and they’re out to get it back by raging carnage through all over these recognizable fairytale environments.”

Fairytale Fights is brutal. The game celebrates animated blood and gore in almost overdose amounts. Get enough red juice pooled on the ground, and gamers can slide their character through it volumetric liquid-style. Speaking of characters, Snow White and Red Riding Hood are not the beautiful, dainty ladies you remember. 952591_20090721_790screen007

Playlogic’s version wields more than 100 weapons, including axes, hatchets, potions and even a blunderbuss (old-timey gun). The heroes of tales past use these weapons to smear their adversaries across the environment as they make their way from one platform level to another.

“This is not a game for the faint of heart,” Keene said. “It is extremely bloody and extremely violent, and it’s meant to be that way in a comedic kind of way.”

Picking up the Xbox 360 controller, I was nervous about the unfamiliar button scheme, but all my reservations melted away when I learned that I could beat an enemy senseless with just a swirl of the analog stick. 952591_20090721_790screen003

“You can cut an opponent exactly the way you move the stick,” Keene said.

Keene called it “Dynamic Slicing” and said it’s the same for each platform. I say it’s fantastic. There is no aiming, centering or trigger involved. Just swing and run. There is some button-pushing required when you want to pick something up, but overall, the controls seem easy enough for everyone.

Environment-wise, Fairytale Fights is loud and cheerful; think Super Mario meets a Las Vegas casino. Built on the Unreal engine, the graphics pop right off the screen. The camera follows the character around the level. There is a lot of jumping, dodging and bludgeoning along the way, as well as plenty of easy-to-find treasure boxes filled with health potions and weapons. 952591_20090813_790screen004

Fairytale Fights screams for multiplayer. This much fun deserves a crowd. Fortunately, Playlogic included a nice portion of drop-in dropout, online and offline, four-person multiplayer gameplay. After watching me hack up his avatar for a few seconds, Keene let me know about the friendly fire option. The build crashed before I could play a boss level, but Keene assured me the game would be ready for next month’s ship date. Personally, I can’t wait.

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