Orbz 2

  • January 8, 2005
  • by: YeYeMan
  • available on: PC

Orbz 2

Developer: 21-6 Productions
Publisher: Garage Games


Genre: puzzle
Setting: puzzle
Remember when games where simple, fun, and easy to create? Developed by 21-6 Productions and Published by Garage Games - a company that helps Independent Developers - Orbz 2 shows us this type of game is not dead. Are you bored at your house? Is your budget tight? Want a fast-to-get and fun game? Orbz 2 may be your perfect choice!

Orbz 2 is a simple yet awesome game. In this game you are an orb. You got to choose from a variety of orbz - all rather cosmetic - but it will define who you are. There is no storyline at all, just beat a level and get ready for the next one, etc. Welcome to the platform games of old…

The point is to take your orb, aim it - taking into account arc, speed, inclination, etc - and hit a star. There are different stars - some are yellow others are red - floating around the level/map. You aim, fire and pray you hit. Each will give you points to will be added to your score. If you manage to hit more than one star in a row, meaning that in every shot you at least hit one, you will gain more points. Also, if you manage to make a long range shot, you gain additional points. With red stars you acquire more points than with the yellow ones. Simple.

Also within the environment you'll see some blue bubbles floating around. These will take you to a specific point or to the other side of the map/level. Some of the bubbles will lead to "bonuses" such as: stronger shot, sticky shot, money (will increase the points a starts give you, only for a certain time), and others. They're simply bonus options.

All you need for this game is a mouse, maybe a keyboard if you want to insert your name or chat in the multiplayer option (more on that later). With the mouse you move the crosshairs of your Orb. (Your orb will stay in position after you shoot it and your next shot will be from where it stopped) After you aim, a "power" meter will come up. There you choose how far you will want your orb to go based on the strength of your "throw". This involves some strategy - getting the right power with the right settlement of the aim for your orb to hit the star - it is tricky. Durned physics!

Each map/level has its own theme and there great variation among them. Some might be really easy, while others are rather difficult. You are also awarded with medals depending on your score. If you get 2,000 points you will get bronze, 4,000 for silver and 7,000 for Gold. This may vary depending on the map's difficulty. You may also have a limited time finish the map.

There is also the Multiplayer Online aspect of the game, where you play any map/level from the single player against online players to see who gets the highest score. You can chat during the game with your fellow enemies, you can smack them off by telling them how much you are beating them, or you can simply say "I am lagging that's why I am losing". But all in all, the multiplayer is as fun as the single player mode. Maybe more so with the addition of stars and bubbles, which allow you to affect your opponents. Back to start anyone?

The game might sound simple, but the game is truly a lot of fun. You should just head to www.garagegames.com download the demo and give it a try, you will see what I am talking about and you won't regret it. This is definitely a game for the fun of heart and sure of aim!

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