PreviewSonic Colors

Sonic Colors

Developer: Sonic Team
Publisher: Sega

Release Date: 2010


Genre: platform
Setting: cartoon


You have to give good old Sonic some credit. He never gives up. Sega is hard at work on two new games starring everyone’s favorite hedgehog, and one of them is for the Wii: Sonic Colors.

The premise of Sonic Colors is the same as every other game in the series, Dr. Robotnik is up to no good, and Sonic is going to put a stop to it. The game controls like other 3-D games: Sonic slowly starts running ahead of him and picks up speed. The game automatically locks onto points of interest. Thus, all you have to do is push the A button. If you run ahead or are farther along than expected, the game will then lock onto the next item of interest.

Where the game gets its title comes from the different power-ups collected. The only power-up I saw “turned” Sonic into a mole so he could collect rings. I accidently got him out of the ground, and he quickly reverted back to normal. 997173_20100615_790screen004

In fact, the game seems to feel solid. Out of the accidents that occurred, I strongly suspect to be mostly my fault. I did have a bit of trouble collecting some rings while running. The game moves so quickly that it can be difficult to know where each part of the level is without memorizing it.

It is also important to note that Sonic Colors is bright and colorful. The level’s layout was easy to see and understand. Watching it all in action greatly reminded me of the older installments I played in my youth. Enemies are reminiscent of that age without feeling like it is trying to relive those days.

Sonic Colors seems to hold a ton of promise. If certain elements of the game are refined a bit more, it could be a blast to play through. I found the demo to be very entertaining as it mixed old ideas with new technology. For more information, visit

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