ReviewMedal of Honor

Medal of Honor

Developer: EA LA
Developer: EA Digital Illusions CE
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: 10/12/2010


Genre: first pers
Setting: military


I grew up playing the Medal of Honor franchise and loving every single minute of it. I never thought it could get any better than any of the previous ones I owned. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

With today’s graphics and processing power, I should have guessed that once the new Medal of Honor came out I would be blown away. Why? It’s simple: The collaboration between Danger Close and D.I.C.E. was astounding. Danger Close worked on the single-player aspect, which the only negative thing I can see is the time it takes to complete it. I spent maybe three and a half hours on the very first playthrough till I beat it on Normal. That is the only negative thing I have come out of the game with.

Single player was beyond astonishing. The levels were very detailed, and the AI was smart about it. For instance, an enemy hides behind a rock for cover; they usually pop their head out after you stop firing. I don’t know how many times I tried to kill a single guy only to have his big head come out of cover when I am reloading. Yeah, sure it is very irritating at that point in time, but when it’s all said and done, I think “wow, what a smart AI.” It is not very often I am bested by the AI, but they got me on this one. Moh_objective_raid_screen_1

The difficulty of the game was not hard at all, not even on HARD. Of course it was not for me, because I am a traditional first-person shooter player. I am used to being fired at from all ends of the world. For a not-so-hardcore FPS player, I would tell you to play on Easy or Normal as the controls do take some getting used to. The enemy, it seems, was dumbed down for hard mode. I had an easier time dealing with them on Hard than on Normal; maybe it was because I played through it already? Either way, it was not bad at all. I am almost done with Hard, and I am flying through it.

Multiplayer is why I bought Medal of Honor. I had the chance to play through three betas: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. I know what you are thinking; “wow, three different betas.” Well, this game was worth every second of it. D.I.C.E. did phenomenal on the multiplayer, which everyone should expect. EA chose D.I.C.E. because of the Frostbite Engine, which by itself is a beast. Though we do not see the full potential of the engine, it lingers. The online mode is hands down the best military shooter out right now. The kill streaks are fun, and there are plenty to go around, fitting your playing style. Moh_screen-007

In conclusion, I HIGHLY recommend getting this game. If you want a game that will satisfy your online craving, or you just want to kick back and play by yourself, this game has everything. For the PC player, the system requirements are not that troublesome. For you console gamers like me, playing this on an HDTV will blow your mind. The only thing that could get more realistic graphically than Medal of Honor is the real thing.

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