PreviewDead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Developer: Visceral Games
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: 01/25/2011


Genre: survival
Setting: horror


I had the privilege of getting an invitation to the Dead Space 2 multiplayer beta in October (it has taken me this long to put it into words), and I was excited. I was excited for EA and for Visceral Games, because this is a great attribute to an already fantastic franchise. I am going to make an insanely bold (yet true) claim and say the Dead Space franchise is scary as hell.

Dead Space 2 adds to it — even if it was only multiplayer I played. I felt terrified when playing, because of the atmosphere. I am not joking, either; when I played as the Necromorphs, I was terrified to move. It was not because of the other players trying to kill me. No, it was because I was stuck staring into a black abyss wondering if one of my own kind was going to jump out at the worse time and make me jump, which there were several occasions that did happen. The atmosphere in Dead Space 2 is un-freaking-believable. Ds2_e32010_07-us_656x369

Controls were easy to learn and to understand, even for being on the PlayStation 3. You had your medium attack and heavy attack for the Necromorphs, and for the soldiers, you had your overpowered guns along with Stasis and Telekinesis. Movement was pretty fluid, except when turning a corner, which a lot of the time I had to face the opposite way and turn around quick just to make it even fluid. Camera control was a lot easier, I thought, than the movement.

There were only a couple of issues I found that sort of altered my mood of the game. The very first game I played as a soldier, and I thought “wow, it is easy to kill.” Well, I found out it depends on the team. This is where my issue was; while being Necromorph, I found it was almost — sometimes — impossible to get a kill. The soldiers’ weapons were vastly overpowered. Not to mention the Necromorphs’ tentacles and claws were just way underpowered. 975302_20100518_640screen002

All in all, to get the full grasp, of course, I would have to play the full game. Multiplayer, however, was pretty fun, despite some of my issues. As a reminder: THIS IS ONLY THE BETA; ORIGINAL PRODUCT WILL BE DIFFERENT. I keep reminding myself of that very sentence — only because I love Dead Space as a whole. Would I recommend getting this game the day it comes out? YES, I WOULD. Why? IT’S DEAD SPACE 2! I am more than 200 percent positive this game is going to rock the socks off millions, including myself!

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