ReviewSpider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

Developer: Beenox
Publisher: Activision

Release Date: 09/07/2010


Genre: action
Setting: comic


I will be upfront with you; I have never really been a fan of any Spider-Man game. When I think of comics, it is not Spider-Man I think of. The only reason I reviewed this game was for my 4-year-old son, who absolutely loves Spider-Man. However, I will say I was actually quite impressed by Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions.

The game has you take the place of four different forms/time periods of Spider-Man. If you have not yet played this game, I will just tell you whom you play as.

The Amazing Universe: This part of the game is pretty straightforward as it runs with today’s standard version of Spider-Man. There are not too many unique things about The Amazing Spider-Man except for pretty good combo system and the occasional good boss fight. E3_noir_on01

Noir Universe: I was actually very impressed with this version, which is an all black and white older 1930s style Spider-Man. Your objective is to stay in the shadows and to not be seen by the enemy. It is quite generic, but it is actually a lot more fun than it sounds; if you stay in the shadows, you have the opportunity to do a stealth takedown. As an example: If you are crawling on a wall, you do a takedown and Spider-Man uses his web and brings the enemy closer to him, pinning him against the wall only to be pounded in the face and glued to said wall. This universe though offers a wide variety of great gameplay and good boss fights (Goblin, Hammerhead and Vulture.) Personally, I believe if they did a full game based around the Noir Universe, they could have a killer game.

2099 Universe: Growing up, this was by far my favorite form of any comic. I thought the 2099 series was just awesome; Spider-Man is of no exception. Although it was not as fun as the Noir Universe, it did offer some pretty good boss fights. Hobgoblin comes to mind, where you had to catch his grenades and throw them back at him; he would then run and when that chase began, you would have to swing a lot to reach him only to find the “Public Eye” there to hurt you. Some of the other boss fights were pretty entertaining as well: Doctor Octopus and Scorpion. E3_2099_on02

Ultimate Symbiote: There is not a Spider-Man fan in the world who has not heard of Venom. Well this is JUST like Venom ... except not as cool. I felt this part was actually under-utilized for the game. I sure would have like to see this play a bigger role.

One thing I found pretty unique besides the differing universes was the combo system. It was pretty robust with all of the combos you can purchase. At some points in the game, you are given the opportunity to have an up-close and personal meeting with a boss. This requires you to do a series of button sequences consisting of only the thumb sticks. It was something different and a lot of fun to get in Kraven’s face only to pummel him. Watch out, though; Hammerhead is a different one to deal with when in this type of sequence. E3_amazing_pr04

Overall, I found Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions was a pretty fun and entertaining game. It may not be a contender for Game of the Year, but it was still pretty enjoyable. I am sure if I was a younger person, I may have enjoyed it more, but I think with Spider-Man games, it is go REALLY big or go home because of a huge standard put forth.

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