ReviewMad Blender

Mad Blender


Release Date: 02/20/2011


Genre: simulation
Setting: cartoon

Mad Blender is a fun game that is aimed at purely entertaining people. The point of the game is to take a photo via the iPhone’s camera or use an existing iPhone’s photo album image and throw it in a virtual blender. One can even crop a portion of the photo so that only a part of it ends up inside a blender.

There is just something cathartic about a photo of your arch nemesis being blended into hundreds of little sliced up squares. Mad Blender can be operated in two modes: slow and fast. The graphics in the game are cartoonish while the sounds are very realistic and will remind you of an actual blender. Mzl

Mad Blender is mindless but fun. The game does not appear to be anything more than a great conversation starter or a fun little outlet for letting out steam. In conclusion, for only 99 cents you get to have that one favorite photo cut up inside a virtual blender.

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