ReviewNaked King

Naked King

Developer: ActOn

Release Date: 06/24/2011


Genre: simulation
Setting: cartoon

Naked King is an insanely fun 2-D real-time strategy game. The goal in Naked King is to destroy the enemy’s castle. To accomplish this, you have to use both your strategic and tactical skills in two key areas.

The first area is the resource (food) gathering, which is performed by your workers. The more workers you create, the more food you will have, which can be used to build more workers and/or soldiers.

The second area of focus is the army-building. It is a good idea to build a versatile army that is comprised of different types of soldiers — early in the game a combination of archers and infantry will be more than enough to advance. As the game progresses experience gold points are acquired, which can be used to upgrade the castle and the individual army unit types. Mzl

Naked King’s gameplay is so intuitive and well-crafted that the game will superglue you to your iPhone or iPad for many, many hours. The game progresses in a very natural way, and as more units and challenges are introduced, the game never gets boring or old. There is a major replay value in Naked King — even though the game only has a single-player mode. A possible addition of an Internet-based multiplayer mode would elevate this brilliant game into the stratosphere of the iPhone/iPad gaming world. Players’ high scores are uploaded online, so one can see his or her global ranking at all times.

The visual and audio components of Naked King are top-notch and fit perfectly the overall design, theme and the objective of the game. In addition to all of the above amazing features, Naked King is free, which makes it a must-have, all-time classic.

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