ReviewXIII Century: Blood of Europe

  • October 15, 2011
  • 13th century combat feudalism style
  • by: Scorpogee
  • available on: PC

XIII Century: Blood of Europe

Publisher: 1C

Release Date: 01/28/2010


Genre: real time
Setting: medieval


Thirteenth century warfare was a constant ongoing affair. Nations, fiefdoms, city states and warlords who wanted power, riches, religious reasons and personal vendettas would raise armies and go hacking and slashing their way to either victory or defeat.

The armies of the XIII century were made of cavalry, soldiers, pikemen and archers. Heavy cavalry consisted of heavily armored soldiers generally made of nobility, knights and lesser individuals. Those people could afford the weapons such as a lance and hand weapons plus accouterments such as armor and large warhorses. Light cavalry carried spears, javelins and hand weapons. Soldiers mainly carried swords and shields; though later they would wield axes as well. Pikemen carried lances or heavy spears and were used to help protect against cavalry charges. Archers were your ranged combat and used bows or crossbows. These were lightly armored and usually stayed back behind the main army. Image7

This all leads to what XIII Century: Blood of Europe is about, developed by Unicorn Games, published by 1C Company and distributed by Gamersgate, you being the leader and engaging in the many battles that made up feudal life. Though not to diminish that all of this century was nothing but warfare. Castles and fortifications came into being to protect people and control surrounding areas. Religion played a part in the crusades with the Teutonic Knights commanding vast armies in the Middle East. Other accomplishments would change civilization as time went on.

Numbered features of the game include advanced graphics, based on cutting-edge technology, developed by Unicorn Games; a high level of detail and realism — from equipment and heraldry to re-created map topology of real battlefields; dedicated server for online battles will allow everyone to test leader skills competing with players from all over the world; eight battle mission that shed light on the life and feat of arms of Dovmont, Prince of Pskov, famous leader and ruler in the history of Rus'; fog of war and recon features will bring a new experience to the game. Psychological part of the combat system continually calculates battlefield situation and greatly improves realism of unit behavior in combat. Units adequately react to flanking, own wounds and physical state as well as victories and losses of friendly units. There’s also a big world map, 40 missions of the original game, 170 unit variants, 21 nations, 40 historical battles and eight campaigns. Image1

XIII Century: Blood of Europe follows the genre of other games of this nature. Large forces commanded by you maneuver the battlefield to defeat opposing forces arrayed against you. The game has a tutorial that will help you in movement, camera and combat tactical situations. The tutorial has clear and concise instructions, ease of use and gets you into the game quickly.

Camera use is the standard with zoom in and out capabilities. Side rotation is possible, and mini map camera use is possible as well. Graphics is highly detailed. Zooming in to view individuals, or your army as a whole is very inspiring as they charge over the ground. Scenery is done very well. Zooming out helps to make decisions on how to place your forces plus gives you terrain information such as high areas, forests and bottlenecks. All battlefields have been re-created as faithfully as possible. Image8

The AI is very smart and will check for troop morale and will retreat or advance based on the combat decisions of the opposing forces and what you have decided with your troops. Gameplay is renewable by creating your own battles and playing the historical missions. Multiplayer capabilities are available to test your leadership abilities against other online players.

I enjoyed the great detail that the graphics gave to the game; though lower-end video cards may display not as effectively. Tactics were easy to set up using the zoom out feature and giving instructions to each of the different units was simple. Pausing the game often helps in changing orders in the middle of a battle. If you thing is military games you may want to try out this game.

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