ReviewSave Yammi

Save Yammi

Developer: BulkyPix
Publisher: BulkyPix

Release Date: 08/10/2011


Genre: puzzle
Setting: cartoon

Puzzle games have changed a lot since their original conception: graphic engines, game mechanics and overall presentation. However, the addictive and aggravating nature of them has remained. With the advance of technology, developers have been able to craft games around the touch mechanic. One of the newer games to use this mechanic is known as Save Yammi for the iPod Touch.

Save Yammi is a physics-based puzzler that has you drawing the solution. The purpose of each level is to get the cookie (“yammi” sounds like a word a munchkin would say instead of “yummy”) to pick up the three gold stars and then get it to the red “octopus” somewhere on screen. To complete this goal you have a limited amount of rope to help guide the cookie around. There are also power-ups to help: “wings” to float the cookie up, scissors to split the cookie, electric shield, wheels that speed the cookie around and a shrink ray so it can split through cracks. Mzl

What makes it interesting is that the previous levels lay the foundation for future levels. Nothing feels like it was a dramatic change in difficulty. Its various tricks are mixed and matched to provide a decent challenge. However, it isn’t the level design that provides the challenge. It’s the rope. It acts like it is tacked to the bathtub, so it’ll not be taut. Thus, figuring out how to properly lay/tack it is a big part of the challenge.

Visually, the game is solid. The game has you trying to guide cookies in what looks like a bathroom. The backgrounds are done in a pleasant yet muted color palette. Power-ups are neatly seen along with the various dangers. The octopus moves like a child devouring a cookie. In other words, it’s just a really cute game. Mzl

The very limited sound design emphasizes this as well. The title track is a bouncy drum-based song to get folks excited. The level music is also just as bouncy, though a bit more key with xylophones tinkling in the background. Cookies can get burned and electrocuted. And the octopus has this endearing yet gross “burp.”

Overall, Save Yammi is a cute little physics puzzle game. It costs a dollar and provides 100 levels to work through. This is a nice game to whet one’s gaming appetite during the day or as a warm up to more challenging puzzles. Of course, it would be rather cool if there was a level editor because I feel like now I could great a decent level after completing the game. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a pleasant puzzler, than look no further.

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