Developer: Barak Edry
Publisher: Barak Edry


Genre: card
Setting: modern

Yaniv is one of those games that you take on trips as it guarantees a great time with your family and friends. These days Yaniv is available on the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

Yaniv for iOS features the extremely addictive and fast gameplay that made Yaniv a popular card game worldwide. Each player must use strategy, tactics and some guessing in order to win. Last player remaining is the winner! Your goal is to decrease your hand value by removing single cards, sets and series. Once the player thinks that they have the lowest hand, he or she can call “YANIV!” and if that is the case the round is won. If the opponent has a lower hand, the other player gets “ASSAF!”, loses the round and gains extra points. Mzl

Yaniv is a lot of fun, and the iPhone/iPad/iTouch version is superbly done. The game can be played offline against a challenging AI player or online against up to three invited friends or other player across the globe via the Quick Match mode. More than 30 achievements can be earned in online games, which are further enhanced by player leaderboards rankings.

The game features colorful and detailed graphics paired with quality audio elements. Yaniv can be quickly learned via an interactive and easy to follow tutorial. The game also provides settings in which various game elements can be tweaked. Yaniv is free to download but can be upgraded with premium features such as the match statistics and turbo mode with swiftly animated graphics for $1.99. Overall, this version of Yaniv is great and is a must-have app.

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