ReviewGoGo Sushi

GoGo Sushi

Developer: Sung Hwan Cho

Release Date: November 2011


Genre: strategy
Setting: cartoon

Running a sushi restaurant is not easy, especially when you have large supermarkets as your competition. The key is winning over customers by offering a large variety of fresh sushi. GoGo Sushi is an insanely fun little iPhone game in which you serve various types of sushi to an endless army of customers.

Aside from being a finger coordination exercise, GoGo Sushi is a nice educational tutorial on how sushi is made. The core component in the game is sushi recipes, which must be followed in detail. Every type of sushi is created by combining various ingredients in a precise order. Add to this an element of time pressure as customers keep seating themselves at your sushi bar, and you have one extremely engaging iPhone game. Mzl

One of the most valuable elements of GoGo Sushi is that it keeps the player focused at increasing his or her memorization skills. As the levels in the game increase, so does the complexity of making certain types of sushi in both the number of ingredients and the order by which they are combined. Another clever aspect of GoGo Sushi is resource management. One has to make sure that their restaurant is stocked with large enough quantities of various ingredients, which also requires a good handle on the finances.

As the game progresses the customers will also demand special dishes and expect the player to remember their favorite dishes and serve it to them without them asking for it. The bonus of delivering their favorite dishes results in higher tips. There are also customers that will try out any dish, and the best way to handle them is to deliver different dishes on the conveyer belt.

GoGo Sushi has charming cartoon-like graphics, which are complemented with quality audio effects. Overall GoGo Sushi is guaranteed to offer you many hours of challenging and exciting gameplay. At 99 cents this game represents great value.

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