ReviewDead Rising 2: Off the Record

  • January 19, 2012
  • Frank West returns for some zombie action
  • by: BlueMark
  • available on: Xbox 360

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Developer: Blue Castle Games
Publisher: Capcom

Release Date: 10/11/2011


Genre: survival
Setting: horror


Zombie games seem to be everywhere this day and age, and I literally do mean everywhere. There is not a place you can turn to that does not in some way, shape or form reference zombies, or has you killing zombies. That is not a bad thing, as most of us have those post-apocalyptic fantasies that have an urge to be taken care of. I would hope that my post-apocalyptic fight would be to that of the Frank West — one of the most awesome guys in the zombie-slaying world. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record takes you away from the original story of Dead Rising 2, and puts you in the shoes of the first hero Frank West.

Nine times out of 10, zombie-slaying games lack a decent set of mechanics and a feeling of urgency, but Off the Record is an exception. Gameplay is not cheaply thought out and put together, but instead, the gameplay is pretty deep with plenty of abilities to make use of. One of the bigger mechanics for Off the Record has to be the ability to create new and unique weapons such as the weedwacker with knives or the bucket with drills. Since Dead Rising is already known for a slew of weapon choices, it has an even better value to make even more and use them as you please. Though, usually when playing, I stuck mostly to in-house weapons, only because it made me feel good to slay zombies with a giant axe or a wheelchair. Of course, gameplay would not be complete — in regards to Frank — without being able to use his trusted camera; it’s an ability that gathers PP to unlock new and exciting things. You can capture all of the best moments to share with your zombie friends. 626630_20110826_640screen002

There is a huge plus — in my book — to Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and that is co-op. This is something that has become quiet within the game industry as of late, and it was awesome to see it in the final game. Right out of the gate, co-op was the first thing I went to, and racked up quite a few hours gaming with friends. It is even better that there are a lot of missions to complete while in co-op mode, but to be doing it with friends is just awesome.

Graphically, though — I have to be honest — Off the Record is your average zombie-slaying machine. The graphics will not break any barriers or put anyone’s jaw on the floor, but that is OK; games like this need better design principles than graphics, which is what Capcom accomplished. After all, what would you as a player want? Better graphics or better gameplay? 626630_20110826_640screen003

Controls are at times a bit stingy — mainly when trying to maneuver. I often found myself running into a world of pain because I could not maneuver in the way I would have liked. Again, this is not a game breaker, because it does add a somewhat sense of realism to the picture. Majority of the other controls that result in a very tight control scheme. The buttons are both responsive and accurate, again adding to the sense of realism, and you hammer away at the attack button.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is a game worthy of everyone’s shelves. It offers a unique story, and even more so with the addition of my favorite place: “Uranus Zone” within the confines of Fortune City. I have to be bold and admit that I will be playing Dead Rising 2: Off the Record until the time comes for the third installment.

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