ReviewBatman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City

Developer: Rocksteady Studios Ltd.
Publisher: Warner Brothers

Release Date: 10/18/2011


Genre: action
Setting: comic


Batman is back and better than ever. I’m sure everyone is wondering how good this new sequel turned out. At first glance, I saw one of the most serious-looking Batmans I have ever seen in a game. There he was on the front cover, a seriously angered Caped Crusader with his knuckles bloody from battle. So, just seeing the front case, it seemed like Batman: Arkham City was going to be one of the best Batman games ever made.

The story left off in the last game with Batman beating the Joker in an all-out brawl with his clowned minions. Now you, the Dark Knight, must save Arkham City from a mad doctor, Hugo Strange. Hugo Strange is a flipped out psychiatrist who affirms that he evaluated the Caped Crusader from afar and has claimed that Bruce Wayne is Batman. As the story moves forward, Harley Quinn and the Joker shoot Batman with the Titan formula. It is up to you to get the antidote from Oswald Cobblepot (The Penguin), you only have so long to be able to find it before Batman dies. There are all these deep storylines throughout the game, and the player is immersed in total Batman hero euphoria. 982135_20110920_640screen001

Becoming Batman is a major fantasy for many. So, I hoped for some awesome equipment. Instead of just leaving the weapons the way they are, (such as the Cryptographic Sequencer), some were changed and tweaked a little. As a result, the mechanics of this game seemed to be more improved upon and better than the last Batman game. Batman: Arkham City doesn’t make you run through the whole game on Detective Mode. It gives the player more options to be able to upgrade Batman’s capabilities, armor and tech gear to make him unstoppable. Just with the added mechanics, it’s been worth the wait for this wonderful game.

If you are wondering about the graphics, they are just outstanding. The levels of the city were well-detailed and put together. The characters look very well-created, and it seemed like the developers added some realistic look to them. The scenery of the levels looked real nice and seems to be more polished than the first game. The colors and outlook gave a dark and mysterious feel to the game. The villains are just nonstop in this new addition. If you know anything about Batman and those cool evil villains, then you will see loads and loads of villains in this sequel. Rocksteady really pulled out all the stops in Batman: Arkham City with all the villains and the magnificent aesthetics in this new game. 982135_20110920_640screen002

As for the sound, there was no cool music like in the trailers, but there was some music in the game that gave it an eerie feeling. In addition, the sound effects were great and sounded very realistic for the most part. One example of the sound effects is when Batman is gliding through the air. The air seemed very realistic and seemed to add a little more experience with the glide mechanics in the game.

Batman has everything he needs to be the best caped hero in all of game history. I believe Rocksteady pulled out all the stops in this sequel with its mechanics to its aesthetics. If you like action games, superheroes, badass weapons and cool technology, than Batman: Arkham Asylum is defiantly the game you need to buy this year. In addition, the storyline in Arkham City is filled with cool stories and believable villains that brought the game to life. This game rocked all the way through. Buy this game. Batman: Arkham Asylum is definitely worth the money.

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