ReviewiSays HD

iSays HD

Developer: Kfir Schindelhaim


Genre: puzzle

iSays HD is a pattern memorization game that features a game pad with four colored buttons. The object of the game is to repeat the randomly flashing button sequences. As the game progresses, the number of buttons to be pressed increases, which results in an ever growing combination sequence. iSays HD is a single-player game with the capability to post one’s high score in the Game Center leader boards thus competing globally.

The overall visual presentation is of high artistic quality. The game pad looks great in high definition, and the accompanying audio effects mesh well with the overall experience. The gameplay is intuitive and truly addictive. Playing iSays HD can boost one’s ability to memorize patterns, making it both a fun and a valuable mental exercise. Mzl

Overall I recommend iSays HD as one of those must-have games for the iPhone or the iPad. Did I mention that this fantastic game is free?

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