ReviewPenny Arcade

Penny Arcade

Developer: Thieving Pixels


Genre: arcade
Setting: cartoon

Penny Arcade is an insanely fun game that reminds me of some of my favorite old-school 1980s arcade hits. The goal in this single-player game is to collect yellow coins (worth 10 points) by capturing them as they fall down in a nicely done gravitational simulation. If a yellow coin is not caught, five points is deducted from the player’s score. It is important to note that red coins are to be avoided as capturing them eliminates the player lives.

By racking up points, the player is able to unlock additional levels. Penny Arcade also offers a way to improve one’s ability to catch yellow coins by trading the collected coins for various power-ups in the game’s shop. For example, a bouncy ball can be purchased for 200 coins, which doubles the number of points in a single game. Mzl

The overall gameplay in Penny Arcade is intuitive and above all fun. Players’ individual scores can be tracked globally via the iPhone’s Game Center. The graphical and audio elements are done well, and they mesh nicely with the gaming experience.

As a free game, Penny Arcade rivals and even exceeds some of the apps that cost money. In conclusion, Penny Arcade is a game definitely worth downloading.

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