ReviewLost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings

Developer: G5 Mobile

Release Date: 06/29/2012


Genre: seek and find
Setting: fantasy

Lost Souls: Enchanted Paintings is a missing child story with fantasy/magical elements. You’ve just moved into a new house with your young son. He loves this mysterious painting and wants it in his room. In the middle of the night you find him missing, and his picture is in the frame of that mysterious painting now.

The main screen is a gallery of paintings. The boy’s picture is in the center. Tap it and it tears into pieces and one piece goes into each of the other paintings. It’s pretty clear you’ll have to explore each painting to find your son.

Before you get to the paining bit, you’ll get to pick if you want to play in easy mode or expert mode. Easy mode has hints and puzzle skips that load faster, as well as little sparkles to tell you where to go next. Expert mode will take longer to offer hints and skips and there are no helpful sparkles. Mza_6410438178885074711

You have the option to adjust music and sound effect volume independently. There’s a trophy room to display trophies you’ve acquired (of which I have none at this point), an achievements list of your special accomplishments in the game, and a bonus content option. This will be unlocked if you purchase the collector’s edition. You get the full standard game — 25 locations and 25 minigames, and the additional stuff of nine extra locations, four extra minigames and a strategy guide.

Each painting is its own chapter. If you have the sparkles turned on, you’ll be starting in the frozen world. As you do things in each painting, you’ll be given more of the story. You start with just the one location in that painting, but as you do things you unlock additional locations. Mza_3433628349732736846

You should be prepared to tap all over each room looking for useful objects, including little gold coins that will not be on your ‘find’ list. You also should plan on a fair amount of back and forth between locations. Objects in one location will unlock puzzles or objects in other locations that will send you back to the previous location and then yet another backtrack comes up.

So far I’ve done fairly well at finding things. It helps that you can zoom in, but I could stand for there to be more zoom than there is. On the iPhone screen anyway, the small objects can be tricky to see.

I think the painting idea is interesting. It allows the game to have a multitude of settings while still staying within the basic parameters of the story. As long as I’m patient and willing to do a fair amount of backtracking within each setting, it’s a good hidden object/puzzle game to spend some time with.

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