ReviewThe Agiliste

The Agiliste

Developer: Bushi-Go,Inc.


Genre: adventure
Setting: fantasy

Enter the intriguing crime-solving game in which you play as Claire Denali, a former industrial spy. The Agiliste is a game in which the player is tasked in solving crime cases within a point-and-click interface intertwined with fight scenes and beautifully rendered 3-D videos that tell the story as it progresses.

The game is based on episodic content, and currently only Episode 1 is available, which comes with the game purchase. New episodes/crime stories will be available in the near future.

This Agiliste can easily be compared to an epic novel where you play your way through rooms trying to find clues into the murder of Rudy, Claire’s co-worker and friend. There are apps called “pips” that will help the player along the way that he or she will have to learn how to use in order to gather information and arm Claire with weapons and the correct skills to survive and solve the overall case. Mzl

The game provides a deeply engrossing experience akin to any of the point-and-click crime-solving classic games of the past. The stories are well-crafted, and the game’s visual and audio elements fit well with intuitive gameplay.

Overall, the game is a real gem as it has depth and I can only compare it to the Edgar Allan Poe’s The Black Cat: Dark Tales as it is of superb quality. The Agiliste is a great game with puzzles that are cleverly designed and as such is guaranteed to provide many hours of entertainment for a nominal price.

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