ReviewBubblien Attack

Bubblien Attack

Developer: Wenpo Sun

Release Date: 11/02/2012


Genre: arcade
Setting: cartoon

Bubblien Attack is an insanely addictive and fun single-player 2-D game in which you launch bubbles at falling bubbles thus bursting them clearing various levels all the while racking up tons of points. The game uses the accelerometer-based controls that results in intuitive controls, fun gameplay and smooth animation.

The game’s visuals are nicely crafted and cover a range of diverse backgrounds set in a sci-fi universe. The game is very addictive and has a lot of replay value. It offers high polish on both the visual and the audio elements. Mzl

Bubblien Attack is also free, which gives this game tremendous appeal in terms of its long-term gaming value.

Bubblien Attack is a must download and will make a nice addition to your videogame collection.

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