ReviewAggro Cubes

Aggro Cubes

Developer: Brad Howard

Release Date: 11/14/2012


Genre: puzzle
Setting: cartoon

Over the years we have seen several great game concepts employing physics simulators on the iOS. Such simulations offer fun and addictive gameplay. Unfortunately the idea of catapulting became a bit overdone with little thought given to evolving the physics simulation design. Aggro Cubes is a game-changer in this regard as it uses a novel physics-based game concept of forcing stacked red cubes to fall by collapsing structures.

The overall gameplay in Aggro Cubes is very intuitive, and there are many ways to make the red cubes fall in order to advance through levels. One can explode the black cubes to make the other cubes move and fly across the screen with some force. Blue cubes can be popped, which will result in other cubes falling and moving into the space that the blue cubes occupied. White cubes can be expanded and are great fun to use. Then there are green cubes; these must not fall from the platform or the level is failed. The game starts with some simple training levels to get the player familiar with the overall gameplay. Mzl

Aggro Cubes has a visual style reminiscent of similar games and great audio and music elements. Overall, the game has a very nice polish to it. At $0.99 Aggro Cubes is guaranteed to please as it packs tons of fun containing challenges.

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