ReviewKick the Politician

Kick the Politician

Developer: Apptastic Studio

Release Date: 2011


Genre: arcade
Setting: cartoon

Kick the Politician is one of the most unique games that I have come across in a while to help kill time. The whole point behind the game is to destress by allowing the player to take out his or her frustration at the following world leaders: Barack Obama; Mitt Romney; George Bush; Osama Bin Laden; Saddam Hussein; Sarah Palin; Adolph Hitler; George Osborne; Margaret Thatcher; or Tony Blair.

You use various weapons, including guns, nunchucks, machine guns, tomatoes, land mines, grenades, boxing gloves, pepper spray, flame throwers, paint ball guns and more. Each politician has a different reaction when attacked. Beating up on these politicians really is a great stress reliever, especially for the politically minded. Mzl

I really enjoyed punishing all the historical evil-doers (such as Hitler) and watching them react in their own ways. Some scream, others cry like babies — but generally, it all will satisfy your inner sadist in a fun and nonlethal way.

Kick the Politician’s cartoonish graphic style adds to the overall fun factor, and the game rewards the best player with a number of interesting achievements. Kick the Politician is also a free game, so that is another reason to download it and have a good time.

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