Writer: Asterix

I have been addicted to gaming since I played Pong for the first time when I was six years old. In the meantime, I have played thousands of games (all possible genres) on various systems from Atari 7800 and ZX Spectrum to Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga 500, PCs (Intel 8086 to the latest Intel and AMD chipsets), all Nintendo systems, all Sony Playstation systems, all Sega systems and finally Microsoft's XBox. Aside from gaming, I love to read (sci-fi, military history, politics, mysteries, puzzles...) and love to play chess which I do on a daily basis...


More Information

Pseudonym: Asterix

Real Name: Sasa Pocek

First Game System: Atari 7800

Favorite Games: Pong (Arcade Machine), Pac-man (Arcade Machine), Galaxian (Atari 7800), Wings (Amiga 500), F-16 Combat Pilot (Amiga 500), Phantasmagoria (PC), Half Life Series, Diablo Series, Deus Ex Series, Doom Series, Jagged Alliance Series, Super Mario, Final Fantasy Series...and many, many, many more...

Game Systems Owned: PC, PS2, Xbox, GC

Favorite Saying: "Suicide Hotline! Can you please hold?"

The Book That Most Profoundly Changed My Life: The Bible

Biggest Pet Peeve: Seeing a person pick his/her nose in public...Yuck!

Favorite Game Genres: Action/Adventure, RPG, Survival Horror, FPS, Adventure, War Strategy, Flight Simulators

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