Luminary’s march update

  • March 29, 2012
  • We’ve got jungle fever! We’ve got...

This month in Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu, look forward to GM Velvetine and GM Kyojin’s surprise events, share any of your thoughts and talk with the GM’s for an hour in hanyang throne room in “Luminary Hot Seat“ and get into the jungle fever on the updates for this month.

One of the newest additions is the wild boar. This mount has the following stats:

*ATK+ 250

*Wis +200

*DEX+ 200

*HP 200

*Life Span: Forever

The piggy branch helps complete the jungle look this month. This item has the following stats:

*Defense +320

*Adds +85 Points to two random Stats

The following events are scheduled:

*Kyojin’s event

Can you answer all GM Kyojins Quizquiz?

Keep your skills sharp and join GM Kyojin Spammathon event.

*Velvetines event

Can you find Velvetine in the Hide and seek event.

Intruder Alert! A GM impersonator is on the prowl, come together and !

*Sub event
o Another town is being invaded! Help fight off monsters in Town Invasion.

*Surprise events

Keep your events on the move join the “Event Roulette”.

Work together and bond with “Cook for me GM event”

*Forum events --Can you top the “Gold Coin Challege”? See if you can guess the number of coins in the jar!

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