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Mobile Phones more suited for Casual Gaming

Why didn't this new study surprise me? Parks Associates, a market research and consulting firm that's focused on "digital" services found that Mobile phones present growth opportunity for casual gaming, but hard-core gamers will probably stick to handheld devices for more sophisticated games.

As reported by Information Week

Gamers don't see mobile phones as platforms for advanced gaming, the report found. More than 30% of those interested in mobile gaming want sports, action, and adventure games on portable players, according to Parks Associates. Twenty-nine percent want to play driving or flying games and 27% want to play shooting games on portable devices, the report found.

Less than 10% of mobile Internet gamers are interested in using their mobile phones to play core or console-centric games, while 55% want to use their mobile phones for puzzles and card games, Parks Associates said. More than 30% want to use them for word games and arcade-style games, the report found.

What's funny is the first comment posted where someone questions the necessity of studies like these.


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CE Pros Begin to look at Gamer Market

Recognition! That's what's happening in the industry. Gamers are no longer stereotyped as unwashed, basement inhabiting individuals, we are now being viewed as potential billion dollar high-end audio and video systems customers. According to the Nielsen study:

  • 40 percent of all American households now have at least one console, and the majority of these are located in a living or family room.
  • more than 54 percent of PS3 and 48 percent of Xbox 360 consoles are currently connected to multi-channel (5.1 or greater), home theater systems.
  • PS3 owners are the most connected to HD displays, followed closely by Xbox 360 and Wii owners.

Well, the Wii's only 480p - a fact I bemoan constantly.

The Consumer Electronics Installation industry is also beginning to write about games. What a telling departure from their usual articles eh?

The article describes 8 games and why CE Pros need to know about them, dropping little tidbits of information such as:

[Halo 3] not only crushed Spider-Man 3 (the movie!) in sales and caused the lowest attendance at movie theaters for an October in ten years....

Heh. I didn't know that.

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I've been wondering if we'd ever end up with a PS3. The only reason for getting one would be for Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy. Since neither of these games are out yet, I'm willing to wait and see if the price will drop again. Right now, it's still too high for me. And what's with these bundles? I don't want some motorsport thing packaged with my system.

All the news surrounding the backwards compatibility is disappointing too. I would have liked it to have been backwards compatible with all my PS2 games, but it seems like that is not the case, unless you try and find the 60gb one. What is Sony doing?

I still can't believe it's so hard to find a Wii still. Of course, since I have one, I haven't been paying much attention. :p I still have all these Wii games I need to play...


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Do artists think?

No, I'm not asking if they're sapient - though some have given me cause for concern - but rather sometimes I wonder, when they're drawing/painting/whatever-ing something for publication, if they actually think about the ramifications of what they're drawing, or just saying, "hey, this looks cool."

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And a Wii under the Christmas Tree

A Wii Certificate guaranteeing delivery in January anyway! Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told us in a telephone conference that Shoppers at GameStop can get rain checks on Dec 20 & 21 if the GameStop shop is out of them.

I say "us" because our own Kelly "Ophelea" Heckman was invited to the conference and I'm sure she'll have a report up soon!


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Ha! First there was the Nokia N-Gage, then the Gizmondo. Devices which played games and acted as your cell phone, PDA, what have you. Now, juicy rumors of the PSP Phone is floating around despite corporate denials, but the images have landed on You-Tube.

It's Sony Ericsson for sure, but... it's still the PSP!

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Look, Ma! No Hands!

Well, kinda sorta. It started with the EyeToy - and how many knew about that? - a camera manufactured by Logitech for Sony, for the PS2 and PSP. It required a well-lit room (how many of us gamers prefer gaming in a dimly lit room?) and the number of games released each year that had the EyeToy enhancement could be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Now, an Israeli company has come out with the ZCam which uses a different method of tracking. It uses reflection of infra-red impulses from the camera - meaning, there's no light requirement.

The EyeToy worked in 2D only. The Wii works in 3D, as will the ZCam. How it will impact games and the way we game is still up in the air. Check out the article on CNET linked above. It's interesting reading. What do you think?


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Hasta la Vista, Baybeee...

"No, no, no, no. You gotta to listen to what gamers say. You don't say "excellent," or some shit like that. You say "leet" And if someone comes on to you with an attitude you gank them and say "pwned!" And if you want to shine them on it's "hasta la vista, baby."
"Hasta la vista, baby."

Yes, the Terminator Franchise holder is planning on forming its own gaming subsidiary and making a game adaptation of the upcoming film "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins" its first release. It's planned for Summer of 2009 to coincide with the release of the movie. Development of the game has already been underway for several months. Can we hope for a good game?


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Two Giants Merge

Sunday evening news to us but Monday morning news to Europe, Vivendi disclosed that they would buy a controlling interest in Activision for a cool $10 Billion. This combination would create the world's largest online and console game publisher and rival Electronic Arts. This reads like a "done deal" with pricing for shares already hammered out. The new company will be known as "Activision Blizzard."

1up scoops the interview with Blizzard President and CEO Mike Morhaime.

... our games have never been branded as Vivendi. The Activision Blizzard brand will not appear anywhere as a consumer-facing brand. Basically it is a corporate brand for the overall company. ... Blizzard Entertainment will continue to be a publishing label.

The most important thing for our fans to understand is that we are preserving the Blizzard Entertainment brand. This was extremely important to me and the rest of the Blizzard team.

Don't freak out. It's a merger, not a buy-out. Your WoW experience isn't changing. We've already seen Mythic Entertainment merge with EA for EA-Mythic. Now it's Blizzard. Will we see a single gaming platform next or will we have games published both in Blu-Ray (PS3) and HD-DVD (XBox)? The Software houses have been pretty vocal about that recently.