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Do you seriously think that is a GOOD idea?


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Do you seriously think that is a GOOD idea?

I've ranted about previews before. In short, one of the things that the discerning reader should remember about any preview is that, in most cases, a site or magazine only gets a preview on the whim of the developer and/or their PR company.

Thus, write a bad preview - giving the game bad press before it's even released to stink on its own - and you're not going to see more previews.

And also thus I was quite amused when reading Games For Windows magazine recently.

Follow up:

They had a preview of the new Far Cry game (Far Cry 2). I remember how much I dug the original game, and my brother enjoyed it a lot too. The new one won't have the animalistic mutation aspect to it, which I thought was a plus - I prefer more "realistic" approaches most of the time.

But the small headline on the front of the magazine was what really cracked me up:

"Battle drug lords - and malaria!"

Yes. For some reason, the developers have decided that part of the fun is that you have to take malaria pills on a regular basis or you get (duhm duhm DUHMMMM) MALARIA!

And unlike a gunshot wound, which you would think would be the scary part of the game, that might mean headache, nausea, shaking chills (rigors), sweating, and weakness - or even anemia or kidney failure!

Sure, some of those things I wouldn't want in real life (and others I've already had today because I'm, you know, hungover), but in a video game? Please.

One thing a developer (I believe) mentions is how that use of the anti-malaria pills keeps the player from wandering too far. Because, you know, evil mosquitoes will catch up with you and bite you and suck your blood and you'll get malaria. And then one of the various bosses will give you more pills so that you can live long enough to fulfill his mission, or something.

But seriously:

Why are you trying to limit what the player can do?

And who the heck cares about freakin' MALARIA in a first person shooter?

GFW gushed about it, basically saying something like "wow, look at this new dimension they're adding to the game, it's just so exciting" but I'd bet dollars to donuts (mmmm, donuts) that if they were to actually review the game with malaria in it, they'd complain about it.

As I sure as heck would! I cannot think of a single way that freakin' MALARIA will make a shooter more fun.

But hey. Maybe they'll prove me wrong.

(But I doubt it.)


Comment from: Ophelea [Member]

Malaria? Not, lack of water, ammunition, sleep...

It's different, but certainly not noteworthy enough for the cover of a magazine unless it says "Battle drug lords - and malaria?"

They gushed?
10/15/07 @ 21:33
Comment from: Noelle [Visitor] Email
Hey, I know! Maybe the characters can get scurvy if they don't eat enough citrus. Or how about giving someone allergies. Gosh wouldn't that add to the gaming experience? / end sarcasm
10/16/07 @ 02:08
Comment from: Will [Visitor] Email ·
On my last tour, I had a couple buds get Malaria, one of them was a repeat. I would rather be shot, seriously. When it hits it's ugly. Of course, I didn't see pills as doing any good one way or the other. In fact, I avoided taking the pills, because their side effects were the same as the disease...

Yeah, definitely a weird gimmick to put into an FPS.
10/19/07 @ 06:42

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