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Crappy games


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Crappy games

There are way too many crappy games out there and judging by the amount of bad games that make it onto the market, I wonder how profitable the crappy games market is. I imagine that parents are buying these games for their kids without knowing how bad they are. Video games aren't cheap, and I remember saving every penny I had so that I could buy the next Final Fantasy and Super Mario game. I refused to spend money on a game that was just "ok". Instead I made sure I got a game that I would like and that it would have replay value. I didn't have that kind of disposable income. Maybe too many people do now and that's why the industry has ballooned into a 13.5 billion dollar industry.

I buy too many games to begin with, many of them are still in shrink wrap but at least they're good. I tend to collect the good games in hopes of one day finding the time to play them. Although I have had my share of bad games too, mostly because I was deceived, not because I decided it might be fun to buy the next cheesy-based-off-a-tv show/anime/Disney-movie game.

Do people really want to play games based off tv shows? There has to be a market for bad games if developers keep on making them. I'm still waiting for that game to blow my socks off. I can't even remember the last time I was really 'wowed' by a video game.

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