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I love remakes. There's always people complaining about remakes and how it ruins the original. Well, technically the original is still there for you to enjoy, so I never see the real problem when companies come out with a newer version of a classic game.

Follow up:

I was so excited when I heard that the King's Quest, Police Quest and Space Quest series were going to be re-released. I was under the assumption that they'd do something to it, but no, just the same old games except you are able to play it on a modern day PC. That is fine, except what was the point?

I've been buying all the Final Fantasy versions on the GBA, they're just remastered from the SNES version. Slightly updated graphics, but they've made things easier. I don't mind it when the most tedious of things get removed, or the game is made slightly easier for the next generation. Same goes with all the Super Mario games that moved over as well. Slight modifications, but excellent presentation. Nintendo knows how to milk it, but at least they do it properly.

A lot of the games that I wanted to see ported have been ported. But I wouldn't mind seeing some games translated into 2007 graphics. I like the 2D sprite style, but sometimes I wonder how awesome Final Fantasy IV would look with Final Fantasy XII graphics. But wait, they are doing 3D remake on the DS. That's good enough for me.

I wouldn't mind seeing Secret of Mana done properly, since every Mana game since then has been less than decent. Granted, I haven't tried Dawn of Mana yet but my hopes sort of died out for that series.

What remakes would you like to see?


Comment from: Tovin [Visitor] Email ·
Since all the other old Sierra games have been re-released (I got the Kings Quest series a few weeks ago, almost done with episode 1!), I truly need my Quest for Glory fix.

So far, no announcement from Sierra!


2007-07-01 @ 13:14
Comment from: Soapy [Member]
Oh I know, I never got a chance to play Quest for Glory but it sounds like something I'd enjoy.
2007-07-01 @ 13:37
Comment from: ScreamingFalcon [Visitor] Email
Some fans keep trying to make good remakes of the old Sierra games, but in some instances Vivendi keeps throwing C&Ds around like they're going out of style. But if you look hard enough, you'll find AGDI's Remakes of King's Quest 1 and 2 and Quest for Glory 2 as well as Infamous Adventures' Excellent King's Quest 3 remake and their upcoming Space Quest 2 remake.
2008-08-06 @ 23:02

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