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Gregorian Chant popularized by.... Halo?

Monks from the Cistercian monastery of Heiligenkreuz - a 12th century monastery just outside Vienna have secured a lucrative recording contract with Universal Music to record Gregorian Plainchant. Universal Executive Tom Lewis credits Halo3 for the resurgence of interest in plainchant.

Here's the article on Yahoo News.

Rather interesting. Halo3 won a number of awards for their sound, including best use of surround sound.


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Finding the plum in the pudding

The articles that are included in the news stories I get in my email every morning can be term "interesting" sometimes.

Information Week reported on Tuesday, that some guy in San Diego was suing Microsoft because Halo3 was causing his XBox360 to crash.

This pertains to the gaming industry, certainly, but was it truly news-worthy? Well, why am I blogging it then? Mainly because I think there are two sides to this. On the one hand is the view that frivolous law-suits are the reason our legal system is in the state it is in. On the other hand, shouldn't consumers expect games to work? Should someone have tried to sue Microsoft for the way Windows crashed? Would we have better software if someone did? Why is it accepted practice for software to ship with bugs?

As a gamer, the burden of proof is on us when we bring a game home and we find the disk is damaged. That was an issue with the packaging of the Halo3 special edition and Microsoft offered to replace the disks. I once had a review copy of an MMOG shipped to me from a Developer. When I ripped open the sealed CD-key envelope, it was empty. Imagine trying to convince a retailer of that!


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Game Music Comes of Age

It's Bat Mitzvah time for Music in Games (in the USA anyway). It's come in to itself. One of the most under-stated, neglected aspects of games has been sound and music. However, with games leaping into the consciousness of mainstream entertainment, developers are paying more attention to and putting more resources into sound and music in games.

EverQuestII dug into their parent's movie pockets and hired Emmy award winning composer Laura Karpman who scores the music and works with the Prague Symphony Orchestra to record the music.

Play! A Video Game Symphony certainly helped stick an oar into the snobby upper-crust. Oy! Look! Symphony orchestras are play themes and music from *gasp* computer games!

I'm talking main-stream of course. Not the onesies, that's popped up here and there over the years in the US. This Wikipedia article talks about game music outside of video games. Hmm... needs to be updated. But I digress. I'm not often impressed by the music in video games but the music from two games stand out in my mind currently.

Pirates of the Burning Sea - I heard the music broadcast over the loudspeaker system at Talk Like a Pirate Day. I've also received the CD of music that's in the Pre-Order. There's some beautifully scored music. Unfortunately, it's been processed for a video game - i.e. ambient music. There's no image for one.

Halo3. I've heard the music when playing the game and the 2-CD set of music will be released in late November. I may have to pick that up to have a listen and see if it's recorded in a way to recommend to my audiophile club.

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