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New PSP to launch Oct 16

Noo... I just bought the PSP-2000. I never bought the original because it was a bit pricey and chugged sluggishly on several games. The PSP-2000 with improved memory and sleeker build did much better. The new will have an improved LCD screen as reported in USA Today and a few other places.

The revamped PlayStation Portable with the improved liquid crystal display and a built-in microphone will go on sale Oct. 16 in Japan at the same price of the previous model 19,800 yen ($180), said Shawn Layden, president of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan.

That's not too bad actually. They are improving and replacing the older models. Something to be expected in the CE world.


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More Functionality on Consoles

First we hear about the use of the Nintento DS's WiFi capabilities at sporting stadiums for ordering food and drinks from the concession stands and obtaining game scores & playback, now the PSP get's a Google search function.

As reported on Game Daily

Sony Computer Entertainment America sent word today that with the next firmware upgrade (4.00), which will be available this week, the PSP will get Google Search added directly to the portable's XMB (XrossMediaBar). The search functionality will be listed as "Internet Search" under the Network category on XMB.

Neat idea, and something I'm going to have to try out.


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Ha! First there was the Nokia N-Gage, then the Gizmondo. Devices which played games and acted as your cell phone, PDA, what have you. Now, juicy rumors of the PSP Phone is floating around despite corporate denials, but the images have landed on You-Tube.

It's Sony Ericsson for sure, but... it's still the PSP!

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